DIY Yardstick Shelf + the Philosophy of a Handmade Home

I’m the kinda gal who goes stationery shopping with the intention of picking out a birthday card for a friend and winds up buying cards with cute art for myself. While I just splurged on buying a super cute cacti princess canvas over at Society6, greeting cards and postcards are more typically the type of art I can afford.

Yardsticks are a nifty way to put the cards on display. All you need are a couple of nails to hang them up. It's so simple, yet creates character and adds a lot of charm to a room. The pic below is the one I put up in my office, it always catches the eye of my coworkers. I have one at home too, over the headboard in my bedroom. I'm trying to decide where to put one up in my living room. 

skinny shelf.JPG

I found this DIY hack in the book Simple Home by Mark and Sally Bailey. I fell in love with not only the yardstick shelf but their whole philosophy of taking the time to curate a handmade home. This was such a timely read for me since I just moved from a teeny tiny studio into a large apartment. It’s quite tempting to rush out and buy everything I need for the new place, but I know I won’t be happy with the end result.

I love this quote from Simple Home, “Make sure that absolutely everything in your home has a place in your heart. Don't save your good taste for books and paintings; everyday items such as soft, fluffy piles of towels in the bathroom or the mug you drink your morning coffee from can bring you joy. In this way, the simple act of opening a cupboard can make you smile." Marie Kondo in her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, reaffirms this idea that things you own should be a source of joy. 

Curating a home of handmade goods and decorating with objects that have memories attached to them is a simple way to bring joy into the home. Handmade things have stories to tell. Stories about who made them and how they were crafted. Objects like photos or sea shells collected from a trip to the beach are tied to happy memories and we can relive those moments of joy each time we look at them.

That is what I love about creating a shelf from a yardstick. It’s so simple and makes me really happy. And unlike a framed piece of art, the shelf is versatile. I can rotate my display of cards to change with the season or the next time I bring a card home from the stationery store.

Mark and Sally Bailey are the authors of several books on the art of home decorating. I just ordered Handmade Home and can't wait to stumble on a copy of Recycled Home at a used bookstore.